Memphis official lets loose with vulgar rant on Facebook

Memphis official lets loose with vulgar rant on Facebook

A well-known Memphis author and TV talk-show host who makes his living off taxpayers may have written his most colorful piece yet — a profane and possibly sexist tirade against people whose politics lean right.

That author, Wayne Dowdy, unleashed last week several online outbursts on Tennessee Watchdog’s Facebook page. Dowdy oversees the History Department for the Memphis Public Library, according to his LinkedIn page.

He hosts a local TV series called The Memphis Room and, according to taxpayer-subsidized WKNO, is a frequent guest on the PBS series “Memphis Memoirs.”

During a series of posts Thursday and Friday, Dowdy let loose more than a few profanities, including an F-bomb.

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One commenter, a woman, tried to correct Dowdy’s behavior, but that attempt prompted him to dismiss her as “a cosmetologist and a high school dropout.”

He posted that at 11:09 a.m. Central on Friday.

All of this was in response to a video we released Thursday showing the conduct of men, women and children who protested President Donald Trump’s visit to Nashville a day before. The article had evidence that George Soros finances some of those protestors.

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Watchdog's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Watchdog’s Facebook page.

When reached for comment at his work email address, Dowdy said the following at 2 p.m. Central on Monday:

“I am writing this while at lunch. You should not be contacting me at my work email regarding my personal Facebook account- this email account is reserved for the business of the citizens of Memphis. When I write something on Facebook I am speaking for myself and no one else.”

In a follow-up email, Dowdy added:

Wayne Dowdy has written at least five books (photo courtesy of Facebook)

Wayne Dowdy has written at least five books (photo courtesy of Facebook)

“I have no comment to make and you do not have my permission to quote from my Facebook posts. They were intended solely for the individuals I replied to. Nor can you identify me as a public library or city employee because my comments were written when I was not on duty and has nothing to do with my employer and I was not speaking for them.

“In fact you should take note that I do not identify myself as a City of Memphis employee on my personal Facebook page. All of this will be used as evidence if you decide to attack me in your publication. I am a citizen and can say what I want when I am not at work.”

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Tennessee Watchdog sent screenshots of Dowdy’s remarks to Memphis Library spokeswoman Ursula Madden. Madden said in an emailed statement that Dowdy “does not speak for the City of Memphis.”

“His comments appear to be his own, created from his personal social media account,” Madden said.

“As far as I can tell, Mr. Dowdy has not violated any city policy. He is allowed to express himself under the First Amendment.”

Madden refused to release Dowdy’s work schedule. She also refused to say whether he was or was not at work when he posted the inflammatory messages, including the one Friday morning.

Dowdy’s LinkedIn page says he has written five books, has served as a consultant for NBC and PBS and has appeared as a guest on C-Span.

According to Memphis Magazine, Dowdy is writing a book about Boy Scouts in Memphis.

Madden said Dowdy makes $48,147.58 per year.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, city officials suspended two Memphis Police officers last year for offensive social media posts.

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