Williamson County school curriculum lumps GOP in with KKK

Williamson County school curriculum lumps GOP in with KKK

Which word most closely corresponds with the practice of rounding up blacks and killing them in post-Civil War Tennessee?

(A) Lynching (B) Riots (C) Epidemic or (D) Republicans.

This was an actual question from a multiple-choice test given to two classes of fifth-graders at Nolensville Elementary School two weeks ago.

Another question asked students to identify which organization was founded to prevent African-Americans from voting. The correct answer, of course, was the Ku Klux Klan, but the kids who didn’t know could have guessed Reconstruction, Lynching …. or Republicans.

“Republicans” again showed up as a possible answer in a question asking students to identify a group that acts “in an unruly and violent way.”

Whoever wrote the test even described “Republican” as a possible symptom of Yellow Fever.

In every instance, “Republican” was an incorrect answer.

YELLOW FEVER: Republicans got lumped in with all sorts of insidious things on a test fifth-graders in Williamson County recently took.

YELLOW FEVER: Republicans got lumped in with all sorts of insidious things on a test fifth-graders in Williamson County recently took.

Julie Mauck, whose child attends one of those classes, told Tennessee Watchdog the word Democrats never showed up as an option.

She said she thinks whoever wrote the test is trying to pass a bias on to the next generation.

“When you call stuff like this to anybody’s attention you are ostracized and written off as an alarmist,” Mauck said.

“But this test reflects what is going on in this country with education today. It’s frustrating.”

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Wilson Hensley, whose child is in the other fifth-grade class, also has a problem with the test.

“There are all these negative trends, and they have the same content,” Hensley said.

“The word Republican was being put in with three words that are bad, and it was done four different times. If it was just done once it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

No one we tried to contact at Nolensville Elementary immediately returned our request for comment Tuesday.

Williamson County School System spokesman Cory Mason told Tennessee Watchdog the test came from a website, called Teachers Pay Teachers, used by teachers around the country.

“The test did not come from our publisher or from district resources,” Mason said.

“And, yes, it looks bad, so we’ve spoken to everyone involved, investigated it, and the administrators believe it was a careless mistake.”

Cory Mason (photo courtesy of LinkedIn)

Cory Mason (photo courtesy of LinkedIn)

Members of the school district have handled the matter internally and told all teachers to avoid using outside resources in teaching or giving tests, Mason said.

Teachers at other schools in the county did not use the test, Mason said.

Mauck said she holds nothing against the teacher who handed it out and said the instructor handled the complaints with professionalism.

“The entities that create those things generally are the ones with the agenda,” Mauck said.

“The KKK was started by Democrats. Jim Crowe laws were started by Democrats. Republicans had Abe Lincoln to fight racism. That test was clearly trying to connect Republicans with that type of behavior.”

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Hensley, meanwhile, said his child’s teacher does not discuss her political views in the class of 24 students.

As reported, the National Education Association and other left-of-center groups have targeted the Williamson County School System by pushing for higher taxes and publishing literature  denigrating Republicans such as Ronald Reagan.

As reported, these unions use leftist, Saul Alinsky tactics to intimidate and bully those who oppose them.

Mason, when asked if this test deepens suspicions parents may have about teachers indoctrinating their children, declined comment.

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