Nashville’s sharp turn left may hurt Tennessee, experts warn

Nashville’s sharp turn left may hurt Tennessee, experts warn

Nashville officials want to gorge on a smorgasbord of leftist policies yet would allow the city and the rest of Tennessee to go hungry, experts say.

Politically, Tennessee is crimson red, and the General Assembly has a Republican supermajority.

But Nashville’s powers that be, as reported, are seemingly flipping the bird to Tennessee legislators on variety of things, including a state law clarifying mandates on affordable housing.

The officials are also at odds with the administration on environmental policy and have tried to transform Nashville into a sanctuary city, albeit unsuccessfully.

Ben Cunningham, president of the Tennessee Tax Revolt, told Tennessee Watchdog it’s about more than leftist social ideas. Fiscal policy plays a big role, too.

Tennessee Tax Revolt President Ben Cunningham (photo by Chris Butler)

Mayor Megan Barry and members of the Metro Council, Cunningham said, want to spend $6 billion on a commuter rail/regional transit system. For that, they’ll need to tax and spend people’s hard-earned money, and not just people who live in Music City.

“Taxpayers in other counties darn well better be paying attention to all of this,” Cunningham said.

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“That’s because some of these projects will have to be paid for by the taxpayers outside Davidson County.”

Justin Owen, president of the Nashville-based Beacon Center of Tennessee, said Nashville is the economic engine driving most of Tennessee.

“Anytime the city does things to undermine our economic stability as a state it has a ripple effect across all of Tennessee,” Owen said.

“What Nashville does will impact the state’s economy and, because it is the state’s largest city, it will impact you.”

For more specifics on what Nashville officials are doing, and how they’re defying state officials, please read our next story, scheduled for publication tomorrow. 

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  • Phil Teague

    Dear Tennessee Watchdog,

    There has been no sharp turn to the the city of Nashville. Nashville has benefited from the progressive foresight of several mayors planning for the future of a vibrant, economically sound city to lead Tennesseans into the next century. As Tennesseans, we want.the best future and quality of life for our children. Under the leadership of mayors such as Barry and Dean, Nashville has become the "It City", attracting businesses and educators from all over the nation. The whole state of Tennessee benefits from our success. As more Tennesseans recognize the successes of our open and accepting policies, Tennessee will be ready to.lead on the national stage.

  • Mayor Megan Barry Obama and the rest of the Libtard Nation have an observable pattern of behavior:
    1) allow crime to run rampant in order to terrorize the citizenry (or in the case of illegal immigrants in Nashville, the general population.)
    2) use the spike in crime statistics (and have them reported at the start of every libturd news outlet in Nashville) in order to promote their agenda of gun control.
    3) implement gun control in order to circumvent the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms.)
    4) circumvent the 2nd Amendment in order to suppress the 1st (freedom of speech.)
    5) suppress the 1st so that the Constitution can no longer speak for itself.
    6) allow crime to run rampant in order to reap the benefits from the chaos.

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