VIDEO: Trump protestors get nasty in downtown Nashville

VIDEO: Trump protestors get nasty in downtown Nashville

Donald Trump visited Nashville Wednesday to deliver a speech. Protestors held up signs with profanity (and even some misspelled words) and got into shouting matches with children who came to support the president.

BUREAU CHIEF’S NOTE: Common Dreams, News Channel 5, and many other news outlets listed the organized groups who came to protest Trump’s visit this week. According to an article in the Daily Signal, George Soros funds Indivisible. Breitbart, meanwhile, reports that the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition accepts funding from the Carnegie Corporation.  And, as well as countless other websites, report that Carnegie accepts money from Soros’ Open Society Institute.

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  • Cboo

    Not nasty,just telling the truth..

  • Real Truth

    You are morale scum. You lie. No decency.

  • Jane_Madison

    Excellent footage of the disgruntled, ignorant despicables! Loved the discussion at the end with the people trying to school the fool with the “healthcare is a right” sign. He doesn’t understand a lot, but he certainly doesn’t know our “rights” come from God, not government!!

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